PRESS RELEASE: The SVO Responds to San Jose Paid Sick Leave Urgency Ordinance

MARCH 13, 2020


San José, CA – The Silicon Valley Organization (TheSVO) opposes the Paid Sick Leave Urgency Ordinance proposal headed to the SanJose City Council Rules Committee next week on Wednesday March 18, 2020.

The SVO understands the need for urgent actions to helpbusinesses and employees in response to the negative economic impacts of theCOVID-19 pandemic. However, we believe a better approach is needed than thecurrent proposal by Councilmembers Esparza, Carrasco and Arenas.  

"Businesses are already taking responsibility to ensurethe public health of both their employees and the entire community. Requiringpaid sick leave for all businesses in the City of San Jose will only add gas tothe fire in accelerating an economic recession and would especially hurt smallbusinesses, who cannot bear the burden of additional costs. If small businessesare required to provide paid sick leave, then this would lead to lost jobs,shuttered businesses, and would ultimately hurt working families even more. 

Instead of requiring paid sick leave, the City of San Joseshould stay the course with the recent City Council vote to explore options tohelp small businesses secure resources like business loans. The City shouldalso look at waiving current city fees that affect business operations, explorea philanthropic fund to sustain local small businesses and non-profits, aswell as provide a resource tool kit for businesses to access information on anyState and Federal grants that become available.  

The long-term success of businesses, employees and localgovernment are intertwined. We need to look at the negative economic impacts ofthe COVID-19 pandemic holistically rather than placing the burden solely onbusinesses," said Matt Mahood, President & CEO of The SVO.

For any questions on The SVO's position on this matter,please contact Eddie Truong, Director of Government & Community Relations,at

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