How to Make Your Mental Health Better at Work

There are a lot of ways that your career can affect your mental health. In this article, we’re going to explore some easy-to-follow steps to help reduce work-related stress and improve mental health.

More Rats, Longer Race

Modern life may have more convenience, but it seems that many of those conveniences have only moved up deadlines and made it easier to measure the minutiae of our working performance with painstaking, up-to-the-minute precision. 

And with a booming global population, there’s no shortage of people ready to take over your job. No pressure!

As a result, many people are beginning to worry about their job security; today’s workforce is more inclined to spend unpaid time working, reply to emails at bedtime, and log more time in front of a screen.

For many, it’s “death by a thousand cuts”. 

Let’s explore a few ways you might lower your stress levels at home, and at work, with little effort. Try out one or two suggestions today, and then slowly ramp it up with whichever suggestions you feel will help you achieve work/life balance, once and for all.

All Things Screen Time

Limiting screen time is important, but you can go further. Consider setting up natural light settings on screens you use most; after dusk, you can have screens automatically lower blue light and become an orange hue. 

On Apple this is called “night shift” and it’s in your computer’s settings. This will help your circadian clock revert back to its natural state, as blue light makes us wakeful, and orange light allows our bodies to prepare for rest after a long day.

Another way to limit screen-related stress inducers is to be conscientious of why you’re sitting in front of one. Turning off push notifications and sticking to a schedule with clearly defined breaks and tasks queued will help you resist “mental spaghetti”. If you’re always at the mercy of your devices, it’s easy to lose track of screen time and never feel like anything is getting finished.

Power Off

Technology has made it easy to reply to emails outside of the office, or take calls, or pick away at your work when you probably shouldn’t be

Take back your time. Put devices in airplane mode, leave the work cell in your desk drawer, and spend more time with friends, family, or a good paperback book. Enriching connections and having a clear differentiation between work time and “me time” will allow your mind to rest and recharge. 

If you work from home, this will be even harder. Set a schedule and stick to it.

Proper Foodie

What you put into your tummy is going to have a direct effect on your stress levels. In recent years, many studies have confirmed that your gut biome has a bearing on your mental health.

You know you best; limit bad fats, eat more good fats, limit carbs, eat more veggies. Whatever it is, make gradual changes and reduce junk food. Sugar crashes can take a toll on a body, especially when you’re living in one big boom/bust crash diet one decade at a time.

Beyond that, explore and research food-based health supplements, like probiotics, MACA, GABA, St. John’s Wort, licorice root, and get enough vitamin B complex. Learn which nutrients are best digested with oil, and which with water or carbs. 

Your body is a machine and food science matters.

For example, vitamin D is oil soluble and vitamin B is water-soluble. Take a B with oil and it will affect its absorption --and multivitamins are a gamble because they have both varieties.

Delete Old Tweets

Every social media post is a drop in a stress bucket. Eventually, archives become too heavy to bear for some. And everyone knows that social media can affect how you are perceived at work.

There is no greater modern stress reliever than purging all those old thoughts and opinions floating around on the internet, out of context. If a social network makes it difficult, maybe that’s a sign they’re being creepy. is a great service for deleting thousands of old tweets in one go, to name one option to help you get started.

Beyond that, minimize time on social media, just like all the blogs and psychologists have already suggested.

Try Calisthenics

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Calisthenics are exercises you can do at home, without equipment, relying mostly on your body weight. 

Everyone knows they need to exercise, but the gym is an expensive hassle, class schedules are rigid, and sweating is something many of us like to do in private. 

Explore calisthenics channels on YouTube --you could likely find something you can do right after you read this.

When Nothing Works

Making positive life changes can sometimes feel so drastic, with little reward. If you feel like you need a full-on life reboot, consider putting your work life on pause. 

You can apply for short term disability, and it’s not as hard as it sounds. Short term disability could just be the breather you need and deserve to close a grueling chapter of your life and start a new one.

What do you think? Which suggestion worked for you? Anything to add? Let everyone know in the comments!

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